Facebook ou le nouveau « way to murder »

Lors d’un débat télévisé appelé « Dr. Phil » aux Etats-Unis, les parents de Nichole Cable, tuée à 15 ans par un homme rencontré sur Facebook, mettent en garde une autre adolescente sur les dangers des rencontres sur le Net.

By Scott Dolan, journalist for Portland Press Herald


The parents of murdered teen Nichole Cable of Glenburg go on ‘Dr. Phil’ to share their tragic experience.

The parents of the 15-year-old Glenburg girl who was killed in May, allegedly by an acquaintance who lured her with a fake Facebook page, appeared on the national TV talk show “Dr. Phil” on Thursday to warn another girl – and teenager like her – of the dangers of meeting people online. Nichole Cable’s mother and stepfather, Kristine and Jason Wiley, opened up on the syndicated show to talk about the circumstances that led to their daughter’s death. The pre-recorded episode, “Dangerous Online Obsessions, Part 2”, featured the Wileys sharing their grief and message with a 17-year-old girl named Missy, who appeared on the show to admit that she freely engages relationships with random men she meets on the Internet.

The host, Phil McGraw, confronts Missy, whose last name is not given, telling her, “You don’t know if they’re registered sex offenders. You don’t know if they’re convicted felons. You don’t know if they’re rapists or pastors”, according to a synopsis and video clip posted on the television show’s website.

“I talked to these guys on the Internet and get in the car with them”, Missy said. In the episode, Kristine Wiley warns Missy that what happened to her own daughter could also happen to her. Cable was found dead in a wooded area of Old Town on May 20. “My daughter only met one man on the Internet, and that person ended her life”, she told Missy. “Every man you have met could have done it to you”. Cable began talking to Kyle Dube, an acquaintance, on Facebook, where Dube used a fake account to lure Cable into meeting him, according to court records.

Dube, 20, of Orono, has pleaded not guilty to one count of kidnapping and one count of murder in Cable’s death. He is accused of killing Cable by asphyxiation and hiding her body on May 12. Police say Dube told others that he’d intended to abduct Cable and later pretend to come to her rescue. Her remains were found eight days after she disappeared. Cable was reported missing May 13 by her mother, who said she had left the night before to meet a friend at the end of their road but hadn’t returned.

Dube told others that he bound Cable and put her in the back of his father’s pickup truck ad later discovered she was dead, authorities said.

“Dr. Phil” has hosted the talk show since 2002. He uses the show as a platform for exploring social issues such as bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, suicide and child abuse.

Les enfants sont-ils suffisamment protégés sur Internet? Les lois de protection peuvent-elles être totalement efficaces sans vigilance personnelle ? En dehors du risque de mauvaises rencontres, il y a le harcèlement, etc… Aujourd’hui, plusieurs états d’Amérique comme l’Alaska ou le Montana n’ont aucune législation concernant le harcèlement sur Internet. Comment gérer sa présence sur le Net ?    

Lou-Ann Uros

*acquaintance : connaissance

*felon : criminel

*bullying : harcèlement

*to lure someone : leurrer, tromper quelqu’un

*to abduct : enlever, kidnapper

*to bound : attacher 

*random men : étrangers

*rapist :  violeur 

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